Episode 3 : ‘Screwby’ Review

The Iraq War, a controversial war at the best of times. Usually the war genre of film and tv either are vehemently for, or against, and it has been a pleasant surprise to find that in Generation Kill we are shown  both perspectives.

‘Screwby’ is an exceptional episode, with scenes showing the underlying tension between the Marines and their superiors. Constant tension aggravating the chain of command.

The rules of engagement were thrown out. The Geneva Convention not even considered. All the Iraqi’s were to be considered hostile. The atrocious events occuring over the last two episodes are somehow not surprising. But what was surprising was the humanity.

Whether this really happened? Quite possible, as the atrocities of war have frequently filtered through to mass media.

The reactions of the various characters, really embraces the fact that these Marines aren’t just the machines of war, but humans. Ethics and the simple morals of a human being are put on show and put to the test.

We shall look forward to the next episode, Combat Jack.


  • “Hot in Herre”, written by Charles L. Brown, Cornell Haynes, Pharrell L. Williams
  • “Tainted Love”, written by Ed Cobb

~ by galacticplatypus on July 28, 2008.

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