Episode 5 : A Burning Dog Review

A Burning Dog, an episode that gave us further insight into the complexities of the Iraq War.

First Recon got their first major mission: To cross an Iraqi bridge, using intelligence acquired from local Iraqi citizens. They weren’t their for a reconnaissance mission though, they were there to capture a point. Yet they were ambushed, and a farce ensues.

Heart-stopping moments occur when they discover a body of a young Syrian man, whom at first they thought would be just another Iraqi citizen. Looking closer they find a Syrian passport with a date stamp – stamped only 3 days after the Marines arrived in Iraq, and the words ‘jihad’ as the reason for entering.

Another occurs at a road block (at Al Muwaffiqiyah). After a warning is given for a vehicle to stop, Corporal Walter Hasser shoots a bit to early after he sees the car continuing to drive. Another Iraqi citizen dead. Another bruised soul. The ever-changing Rules of Engagement are tested.

Beautiful camera work, combined with the contrasting images of the night fight, and the marines resting during the day, allowed intense feelings to be portrayed.

Mesmerizing melees, an engaging plot and further insight into the characters, makes this one of the most coherent episodes.

“Sir we can still kill the cars that don’t stop, this just gives civilians a chance”
– Sgt. Brad “Iceman” Colbert

Soundtrack/Songs Featured:

  • “On The Road Again” written by Willie Nelson
  • “Sundown” written by Gordon Lighfoot
  • “Gangsta Gangsta” written by William DeVaughn, Roger Parker, Charles Carter, Steven Arrington, Waung Hankerson, O’Shea Jackson, Lorenzo Patterson, Eric Wright, Andre Young, Gregory Webster, Andrew Noland, Leroy Bonner, Ralph Middlebrooks, Walter Morrison Marshal Jones, Marvin Pierce and Norman Napier

~ by galacticplatypus on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “Episode 5 : A Burning Dog Review”

  1. how many cars were there that traveled up the road before the guy got shoot. was it 3

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