Episode 7 : Bomb in the Garden Review

If only this wasn’t the end. The build up was immense, and the results so satisfying.

This was not a series like Band Of Brothers, it was more. The complex reality of contemporary war was on show.

As Bravo Team reaches Baghdad, its size is only realized while First Recon begin doing their daily patrols. The devastation that the Iraqis face is much greater than they could ever think of.

The Marines were devastated and shocked at what has begun. But they chose their jobs. They believed. And they questioned.

The final scenes showing the Godfather facing off with the Scribe, and the rest of the Marines enjoying a video of their last 40 days at war. We are also left with some audio

A fitting finale to the series.

Thanks Evan Wright for the stories and the reality. Thank you Evan Wright, David Simon and Ed Burns for bringing the issues to our screens. And finally thank you HBO for another great series.

Soundtrack/Songs featured:

  • “Morning Train (Nine to Five)”, written by Susan Bridget Inskip
  • “Re-Up Time”, written and performed by Josh Person
  • “Smoke Signals”, written by Dada Flair
  • “Come Sail Away”, written by Dennis De Young
  • “King of the Road”, written by Roger Miller
  • “The Man Comes Around”, written by John R. Cash, performed by Johnny Cash. Courtesy of American Recording Company, LLC, Under License from Universal Music Enterprises.

~ by galacticplatypus on August 24, 2008.

4 Responses to “Episode 7 : Bomb in the Garden Review”

  1. i loved this, just finished watching the last episode and it was so fab and entertaining, was this just a one off series or will there be more gettin made???

  2. Best thing I have seen in years PERIOD! I WANT MORE! And on top of that it was flimed in my country-South AFrica!

  3. DUDE…what’s the rap song in motor t ? .. where Eric was sent ? 😐 that’s such a cool song .. i’ve been looking allover the internet…nothing 😐 PLEASE HELP !

  4. ola, eu participei nesse filme, gostaria de ter o filme : generation kill.. aguardo thx..

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